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Ancient Mantras

Ancient Mantras is a meditation game designed to take you out of your thought bubble and into the present moment.

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Mindfulness Consulting ā€“ Solutions for an Accelerated Time

Consulting services related to mindfulness. Training, in-house courses, product development, usability, productivity, customer value.

Price 100 EUR / hour (excluding VAT)

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Mindful Touch for Couples

Online sessions for couples who wish to learn mindful touch. Experience being present with each other. Connect with your hands ā€“ engage in wordless communication. A perfect gift for your partner. Touch practies can also be very liberating if you feel depressed by Covid restrictions.

Each session is about one hour, and takes place using Facebook video or Skype.

Price 40 EUR / session (including VAT)

Reduced price for students: 20 EUR (including VAT)

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Mindfulness Online Training

Learn how to be consiously present. Master your thoughts. Become free from habitual mind patterns. Let go of irritation, mental blockages, and ridgid thought patterns. Chance your habits. Experience calm, relaxation, lightness and joy. Experience connectedness with nature. Learn about the principle of the Four Elements to introduce freedom, stability, clarity, energy and dynamics into your life.

Price 60 EUR / hour (including VAT)

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Online Course ā€“ Connect to The Four Elements

Become present in nature. Connect to the Four Elements. Experience tranquility, presence, stillness, clarity and harmony. Exit the stressful thought bubble. Detach from destructive tought patterns. Get in touch with your senses. Enter the present now.

This is an online course delivered by email over 12 weeks. Teacher guidance is included with the course package.

Price 120 EUR for the course package (including VAT)

Reduced price for students: 60 EUR (including VAT)

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