Introducing Calm into Your Physical Present

Say to yourself:

You can replace “calm” with whatever you wish for. It could be creativity, happiness, bliss, joy, stillness, tranquility, harmony, energy, or something else that you want in your life.

The human is not a computer. But what we think and say affects us. Think about something truly disturbing. How does it feel? Now think about something pleasant. Something that makes you smile. How does that feel?

One way to let go of stress, worries and anxiety is to realize that your thoughts and emotions are not real. Don’t say, “I’m stressed”. Then you become the stress. Say, “I’m thinking I’m stressed”. Then you distance yourself from the feeling of stress, which can make it easier to cope with the stress and let go of it.

Mindfulness needs to be cultivated. Make it a habit to practice mindfulness 5 minutes each day. It can change your reality.

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