Mindful Touch for Couples

Contact me at mikael@kindborg.com to book a free instroductory video call or chat. I will explain what touch for couples is all about, and you can then decide for yourselves if you want to take one or more sessions.

Each session happens online using Skype or Facebook. I will introduce you to the basics of mindful touch and give instructions over video. Plan to set aside some time after the session to practise what you have learnt.

The touch practices I teach are based on the bodywork of the legendary physiotherapist Marion Rosen (1914-2012). She developed the Rosen Method of touch over several decades. I am a certified Rosen Metod Movement Teacher.

I wish to make clear that conscious touch is not about sexual touch. It is touch that connects. It is safe touch. Relaxing touch. Touching with soft hands. I will not ask you to undress or anything, if your mind might have drifted off in that direction.

This kind of touch is about connecting in a genuine way. It is wordless, truthful touch. Touch without distractions. It's experiencing the present in its fullest sense.

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