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Ataraxia - A Mindfulness Device

February 13, 2019

This blog post is a hands-on experience report of a new mindfulness device developed by a team of interaction designers. Read the blog post!

What I Learnt by Testing My Web Site at Test My Product

January 29, 2019

This is a blog post from testing this website (as of January 2019) at the Test My Product meetup. Read the blog post!

DIY Mindfulness - Do It Yourself Mindfulness

January 16, 2019

Learn how to create your own mindfulness scripts. You can create your own kind of mindfulness meditations, suited to your needs. It is fun and easy to get started!

Scripts for Reprogramming Your Mind on GitHub

December 14, 2018

Open-source mindfulness scripts - If you can program a computer you can program your mind. Checkout this GitHub repository for Reprogramming Your Mind that has scripts for presence, relxation and more.

Contributions are most welcome! Test scripts, add scripts, improve and share experiences. Use issue tracker share experiences and ask questions.

Mindfulness for Mobile App Developers

December 12, 2018

Mindfulness has plenty to offer mobile app developers. First of all, mindfulness can help you to reduce stress and stay focused with less effort. Furthermore, your users can benefit from simple design principles that reminds them of the benefit of taking a break.

Have a look at the slides from a recent presentation on Mindfulness for Mobile App Developers.

How to Hack Your Mind

December 8, 2018

Your mind can be programmed. In fact, you are being programmed every day, throughout your life. Mindfulness is a great tool for taking control of your programming.

Learn how to reprogram yourself in this article about hacking your mind.

Get a Review Copy of My Book

November 11, 2018

Contact me to get a review copy of the mindfulness book I am writing. The book consists of 28 days. Each day has a mindfulness practice. Most are easy to do. Some are more challenging.

Email me at mikael@kindborg.com to get a copy. I am very happy for any feedback you might have.

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