Mikael Kindborg

I develop innovative forms of mindfulness.

Photo of Mikael Kindborg walking in the woods

In 2011, I was infected with Lyme disease. I became very sick and sensitive, and developed a severe anxiety disorder. It was as if my mind was hacked.

I was not successful with mindfulness at first. But as I started experimenting, and began doing mindfulness in nature, I discovered that connecting to the physical world was effective for letting go of anxiety and worries.

I have been greatly helped by mindfulness. Having worked with software development for 35 years, coding in over 30 programming languages, I am now finding out how to reprogram my mind.

Currently, I am working on a book about what I call Physical Mindfulness. This is a very practical form of mindfulness that centers on our existence in the physical present. You could also call it "bodyfulness" or "existencefulness".

Try mindfulness right now - it just takes a minute.

Get in touch with me to talk about using mindfulness in your organization. Mindfulness can reduce stress levels, enhance productivity and quality of work, and increase work satisfaction and customer satisfaction.

By applying a mindfulness perspective on business development, new perspectives and opportunities will surface. As you become grounded in the present, you are less likely to stay caught in unproductive thought patterns.

Send me an email or contact me on social media to learn more about how to get started with mindfulness in your daily life.

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