Everyone Wants To Be Happy!

We all want to find happiness. You, me, your friends, your children and your family. So why do we stress and worry so much?

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I am a mindfulness innovator. I have developed a new kind of mindfulness meditation that will make you feel less stressed and worried. You can learn it in just a minute or two.

Unhappiness, stress, and worry result from living your life in your thoughts. When thinking is focused on past and future events, you miss out on the present.

You cannot find happiness in the tomorrow. Calm and happiness is here and now. It is impossible to exist in any other time or place.

Learn the basics of mindfulness in one minute. Try it now!

Physical Mindfulness is very practical and easy to do. It is designed to quickly increase your awareness of your existence in the present now.

About Me

I enjoy combining ideas and knowledge from different areas. I am a certified Rosen Method Movement Teacher, and I have a PhD in Computer Science and Visual Languages.

In 1983 I learned programming in Lisp. It was amazing. Now I am learning how to reprogram my mind. Read more about how mindfulness has helped me.

Contact me to talk about how to use mindfulness in your life and at your workplace. You may be pleasantly surprised at what will happen.

How to contact me

Facebook: facebook.com/kindborg.me

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/mikaelkindborg

Youtube: Show channel

Email: mikael@kindborg.com

About Me - How mindfulness has helped me